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  • What is Whatsapp Business API ?
    Whatsapp has 3 way to chat with each other Whatsapp Personal Mobile APP - Intended for Personal Use Whatsapp Business Mobile APP - Some additional features like Quick Reply etc Whatsapp Business API - No mobile app but only API (Programmable Chat) Whatsapp Business API has lot of features like sending messages via code, Automatic messages, Catalog Setup and Selling. Whatsapp Business API can be purchased in 2 ways From a Business Solution Provider (BSP) From Facebook Directly (Whatsapp Cloud API) Rampwin support both BSP and Whatsapp Cloud API
  • How to setup a Whatsapp Chatbot
    Whatsapp Chatbot can be build using Business API How to setup Get a working phone number on which you want to set up business api. Facebook would send a SMS OTP/Voice Call to authenticate it. Follow our documentation to setup it.
  • Can I use my existing Whatsapp Number to setup API ?
    The answer is YES You would need to delete the Whatsapp Account first (Uninstalling the Whatsapp App doesn't delete the account. You need to go to Settings -> Account -> Delete My Account to remove it. Whatsapp Business API Approval may take some time so if you use existing number, your users may not be able to whatsapp you until the API is approved from facebook and then setup on Rampwin.
  • How Whatsapp Pricing Works ?
    Whatsapp follow Conversation Based Pricing which is as per your country and your audience. Rampwin is an integration based platform so we don't charge anything on conversation. We just charge platform fee so that customers pay a fixed price per month and enjoy the various features created on top of whatsapp business API.
  • Refund Rules
    Rampwin has monthly/6 month fixed prepaid pricing model. We believe in satisfied customers and truly make it happen. In case you are not satisfied with platform, just mail us at and we are happy to solve your problem. If we are unable to solve your problem, we can refund the amount (Only valid on 6 month prepaid plan.)
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