Whatsapp with your customers, Win more business

Customers are waiting to chat with you, What are you waiting for ?
Reach Millions of clients with whatsapp and experience high user engagement.

WhatsApp your users

Powerful dashboard that lets you interact with your customers seamlessly.

Our product suite has a very agent friendly chat CRM. Configure multi agent, multi department to suite all your business needs.
Minimize your agent budget with our powerful chat bots. Agent just sit back and monitor the conversation.
Win customer engagement and increase business with rampwin livechat system.

Convert visitors into leads

Chat generated leads have better conversion. Get sticky customers and win user engagement

Easy to customize

Customize everything from chat allocation to look & feel. Integrate your CRM to get live updates.

Monitor Everything

Our reporting panel gives a powerful insights of your users. Keep track of users & optimize operations

Get Business Driven System

Customize product for your business needs

We can integrate your business scenerios into the chat system.Like parsing user documents to structured data (e.g. PAN card/Aadhaar card image into user attributes).
Directly trigger your api's based on user actions with our powerful BOTs.

Complete control over your Rampwin WhatsApp CRM

Rampwin is based on open source Rocket.chat system which gives you a fully loaded CRM experience

Have conversations with your customers

Rampwin is perfect for businesses who want to converse more and more with client. Take benefit of whatsapp to increase your business. Start new chat or Send bulk whatsapp messages right from panel. Be 24X7 online with AutoReply Bots.

Keep your data private & secure

All your data is secured. Integrate Amazon S3 or Google cloud to store your assets.

Inbuilt Ticketing system with Analytics New

Each chat becomes a ticket which is transferable and trackable. Realtime analytics to monitor agent performance. Easy to integrate google analytics for more insights.

Enjoy a whole new set of options

Highly customizable CRM Panel with chat popup. Theme as per your needes.

Built for developers

Send whatsapp messages to your users with our Restful apis. Get notification on user messages

Instant & Free Support

Get instant technical support. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Multi Agent with Department

Configure multiple agents, multiple departments with chat managers. Customized agent allocation to incoming chats.

Chat Popup for Web

By Rampwin, you can enable chat popup for your site and same agent can handle it. Chat popup can be customized as per needs.

Accept whatsapp images & documents

Accept images and documents right into your CRM. Send files to your customers from the panel.

Bulk whatsapp message

Send bulk whatsapp message and receive user responses in CRM. It can send image/video is supported by whatsapp API Provider.